Let me welcome you into my world. I have named it after the most powerful person or should I say God: Ecila. Ecila is the only one that survived the passing of the planet Earth. What happened is a mystery, it happened so quickly. All humanity died except for Ecila. Of course I am talking about myself. I am Ecila and I have created a new world with the remaining pieces of planet Earth. This place is full of trees. I just can’t stop making them. For some reason I have been given this powerful gift to make magical things happen. I have the power to decide what happens and what everything looks like. I was sad to be all alone after Planet Earth practically vanished and the thought of never being able to see my friends and family again crushed me. And so I used my power to make my new creation a suitable place for more living beings. I wanted to bring humanity back. I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

One day I was walking on the beach and I came across two tree branches that were washed ashore. I picked up the branches and using my handy work I gave them humanoid shapes. I made a man and a woman. I used my powers to give them the spirit of life. Don’t ask me how I did it, I just did. I guess I really am some kind of god. I then got ten more branches and I made 10 new human beings, 5 men and 5 women. 

I was starting to really get the hang of my godly power. I could control everything and the people in my world were absolutely powerless. After losing most of humanity when planet Earth came to an end, I decided that reproducing humans would be the number one goal in my world. I even made up my own kind of rules. People had to reproduce before they turned 40. If for some reason that didn't happen, they would be turned into trees. People dying before 40 would also turn into trees. Like I said, my world is full of them an we need them for oxygen so it seemed to make sense. 

I was loving my powerful position and soon planet Ecila was turning into my own freakshow where I could use the power I had to experiment with the human race. Needle and thread became my two favourite things. I used the thread to sew things together. It became a way of forcing things to happen. The norns in the Nordic Mythology inspired me to do this. They ruled the destiny of the humans in the Tree of life by weaving a web of thread. I wanted to control like they did and so I used thread to sew men and women together to force them to breed. This way I could have the effect I wanted on the new creations in my world. 

The power I have means that I can do exactly what I want and all I want to do is create a world where I am fully in control. When I began my creations I wanted to bring humanity back, but you know what? This power has taken a hold of me and I am loving every second. I will NEVER stop.



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